Bank transfer in advance

In case of advance payment by bank transfer, the amount ordered by the Customer will be kept busy for a maximum of 7 working days from the date of the order. Within this deadline, the Customer must send to via email a copy of the bank indicating the number of CROs. The shipment of the order will only take place following the actual crediting on the C / C indicated below. Failure to receive the documentation of payment and / or the related credit will automatically cancel the order. In the reason for payment, the Customer Order Identification Number must be clearly indicated, communicated with the message confirming receipt of the order. Wire transfers must be carried out with the following bank account details:

Selleria Store s.r.l
P. IVA 14540371003

Filiale Roma Acilia
ABI: 3111
CAB: 3222
C/C N. 0000000571
IBAN: IT54X0311103222000000000571




Cash on delivery

In case of purchase on COD, an increase of 2% is foreseen for the service, with a minimum of € 4.00 up to € 135.00 in the cart, the payment must be made to the Courier only in cash or by cashier's check made out to Selleria Store srl, NOTHING in more 'than indicated at the time of order will be due by the customer to the Courier and / or It is not allowed to send a person other than the ordering goods on delivery.
For products not available on the site, and therefore purchases made to order on delivery of any amount, the payment of an advance payment is required for precautionary purposes. The amount of this deposit will be equal to 15% of the total order with a minimum of € 50.00. Furthermore, according to the new legal regulations that come into force, it is not possible to pay amounts in excess of 1000 euros in cash.

In case of purchase on COD, payment must be made to the Courier, upon receipt of the order, using the following methods:
- for amounts up to € 999.00 in cash or with a CIRCULAR CHECKOUT made out to Selleria Store s.r.l
- for amounts exceeding € 1,000.00, with CIRCULAR CHECKOUT, payable to Selleria Store s.r.l
The courier in charge of the delivery reserves the right to request, before delivery, sending by fax a photocopy of the Circular Letter, then the customer is asked as soon as it is issued to issue the title to anticipate via email.

Payment with Paypal

The online payment through the PAYPAL circuit is protected by a very effective data encryption system served by Paypal under no circumstances will be in possession of credit card or Paypal account information. Transactions will not be accepted in which the personal details of the cardholder are different from those of the user who placed the order, see Paypal conditions. It is also our obligation to send the goods to the address entered in your PayPal account, so in order not to generate cancellation orders, WE PRAY TO CHECK THE ADDRESS INSERTED IN PAYPAL BEFORE MAKING THE ORDER

Payment by PAYPLUG

The immediate payment by credit card online on our site is protected by a very effective data encryption system served by PayPlug, where in no case will be in possession of credit card data or 3D secure passwords.








For payments made by an individual on behalf of a legal entity, the law does not allow this type of payment, and in the case of an error the following form can be used:


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